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4DX Signs Theatre Deal with Cine Hoyts

DCinema Today (April 17, 2013)

CJ 4DPLEX, the world’s first 4D cinema for feature films, today announced an agreement with top Chile exhibitor Cine Hoyts to bring the all-five-senses immersive 4DXTM experience to several multiplexes across Chile. The deal,which will add to the current 42 4D theaters worldwide, was signed as a result of the growing availability of first-run movies available by top major Hollywood studios as well as the successful business model 4DX provides to exhibitors.

4DX is an all-five-senses, immersive cinematic experience that puts audiences into a film`s environment with motion, wind, fog, lighting and even scent-based special effects that go beyond 3D. Launched in 2009 by CJ CGV, the largest theater chain in Asia, Cine Hoyts joins a growing list of theater chain partners that include Cinepolis, one of the top three worldwide exhibitors in Latin America, Cinema City of Eastern Europe and Israel, Major Cineplex Group in Thailand, and Koronaworld in Japan. Plans for U.S. theaters are progressing swiftly, with continued worldwide expansion to over 800 4DX theaters expected by 2016.

“4DX will deliver an amazing experience for our clients, bringing not only high technology that will delight our audiences but also, to work with a great partner who shares our commitment of making Chilean theater experience one of the best in the world,” said Cristian Varela, CEO, Grupo Chilefilms®. “As a company with extensive operations in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, we are continuously searching for the latest technology innovation in all our divisions, we are thrilled to have a business partner who shares our global perspective.”

"The incremental revenue received by adding a 4DX equipped theatre helps exhibitors’ bottom line, while providing a premium experience that cannot be duplicated at home.” Said Byung Hwan Choi, CEO, CJ 4DPLEX. “Global exhibitors understand the power of adding a premium experience in a multiplex to provide a variety of options to its customers.”

4DX has established relationships with Hollywood studios, resulting in a growing number of movies available for theaters which have most recently included 20th Century Fox’s A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD, Lionsgate’s THE LAST STAND and Paramount Pictures GI JOE: RETALIATION. 4DX theaters have shown more than 120 movies since 2009 with an average of 3-4 available each month.

"Our expanding partnerships with the top studios in Hollywood is recognition that the 4DX experience has resonated with moviegoers, which provides a steady stream of top movies for exhibitors,” said Bruce Greenberg, SVP Studio Relations, CJ 4DPLEX. "Our unique theatergoing experience adds very subtle enhancements throughout the movie, that studios and filmmakers are now starting to see the potential to enhanced storytelling.”

4DX can be retrofitted in an existing theater with minimal downtime. Joint venture revenue models help ensures manageable up-front costs for exhibitors. CJ 4DPLEX will continue to announce new movies and studio partnerships for a growing, regular slate of first-run content for theatergoers. Since opening a 4DX Laboratory in Hollywood, the company is working closely with major studios and filmmakers in post-production to harness the technology of 4DX to enhance storytelling.