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First 4DX Auditorium Coming to Kuwait

DCinema Today (April 13, 2016)

CJ 4DPLEX announced that the company has signed a contract to open the first 4DX auditorium in Kuwait with KNCC (Kuwait National Cinema Company), the country’s number one cinema operator. The announcement was made today at the CinemaCon trade show in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. Also, 4DX has signed an MOU with China’s SFC (Shanghai Film Corporation) early this month, which opens the way to an in-depth discussion on the actual launch of 4DX theaters.

KNCC (Kuwait National Cinema Company), established in 1954, is a pioneering Kuwaiti cinema company currently operating 54 screens in 11 locations, under the Cinescape brand. The two locations to introduce 4DX theaters this summer are Cinescape at The Avenues Mall and Cinescape at 360 MALL, the two leading shopping centers in Kuwait. Both shopping malls are located in prominent areas of Kuwait, off of major highways and have a premium and modern design. A perfect place to welcome 4DX fans.

“We are very excited to launch our country’s first 4DX theater at KNCC’s two flagship sites this year. Kuwaitis love dynamic experiences and they will welcome the chance to experience an unprecedented immersive 4DX experience. KNCC wants to be the leader in technological innovation, offer new leisure and entertainment opportunities to the movie-goers in our nation. 4DX will gradually change the country’s movie-going trends, just like in the UAE, and other neighboring countries”, said Ahmad Al Osaimi, CEO of KNCC.

China is the biggest market for 4DX, with 51 theaters in operation with 10 partner exhibitors, and the company is not slowing down in expanding in this market. Prior to the CinemaCon trade show, 4DX has also signed an MOU with its existing partner SFC (Shanghai Film Corporation) to launch more than twenty 4DX theaters within three years, five of which are expected to open this year. According to the MOU, the agreement is supposed to be signed by the end of the second quarter.

Among 4DX’s partners in China is Wanda Cinemas, a giant in the global cinema industry. The other six Chinese partners are ranked in the Top 10 in the world. 4DX has launched 25 new theaters in China last year alone through strong partnerships and an aligned strategy with these partner exhibitors. “Our partnership with SFC is actually bringing a lot more opportunities to show local Chinese hits in 4DX theaters since it has of the whole process from film production, distribution, and exhibition, just like Wanda, Dadi, and Bona, who already have partnership with 4DX”, said Tae-Yong Kim, Chief Sales Officer in 4DX China.

4DX is currently operating 233 theaters in 37 countries worldwide, with target to expand to over 400 theaters by the end of this year.