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4DX to expand Colombian presence with Royal Films

Film Journal (August 30, 2016)

CJ 4DPLEX has partnered with Royal Films, in a deal that will increase the presence of the motion-seating and multisensory 4DX technology in Colombia from four to six locations. 4DX will debut at Royal Films’ theatre in Viva Barranquilla, the third-largest shopping mall in Colombia, in late October and will unveil its second location by late 2017.

“We are constantly looking for better ways to improve the moviegoing experience. 4DX, which provides an unrivaled immersive cinematic experience, will bring exactly that to our customers,” said Habib Osman, CEO of Royal Films. Partnered with Caribbean Cinemas, 4DX launched in Montehiedra, Puerto Rico, and Downtown Center, Dominican Republic in mid-June and late July, respectively.

“With many sellouts to date, our 4DX auditorium has become the main attraction in our new Montehiedra location, with tickets selling out in advance of most of the shows,” stated Caribbean Cinemas marketing director Mayra Ramirez. “Our clients are very satisfied with the experience and the word of mouth has been great. From families to groups of teenagers, the 4DX screen at Montehiedra Cinemas has delivered great moments of fun, sharing and entertainment.”

As of August 2016, 4DX reaches 273 auditoriums in 41 countries. 4DX has been operating 54 screens with eight partners in over 11 countries across the Latin American region, including Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.