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4DX Develops “Wearable Motion” Concept To Enhance SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING

Immersive Movie Experience - Including Moving Seats and Environmental Effects - Lets Moviegoers Suspend Reality and Feel Like They Are Wearing Spider-Man’s High-Tech Suit!

Hitting theatres beginning July 5, Spider-Man: Homecoming will be available in 4DX on 385 screens across 48 countries worldwide.

To bring fans “into the movie” with the most immersive experience possible, CJ 4DPLEX - the world's leading 4D cinema company - has created a series of special features that will bring viewing of the blockbuster super hero film to a new level of enjoyment.

This includes unique combinations of 4DX’s signature moving seats together with state-of-the-art environmental effects such as the combined “air shot” and “wind” effects, synched with key moments in the film. Altogether, the Spider Man: Homecoming 4DX experience will allow viewers to suspend reality and feel like they are wearing Peter Parker’s special high-tech suit as they watch the web-slinging super hero try to be more than just “your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” and eventually battle the newest villain, Vulture.

4DX’s “Wearable Motion” Concept + the Stark Industries’ Spider-Man suit = Tremendous FUN!

The advanced Spider-Man suit is one of this super hero’s signature features, including 576 possible web shooter combinations and much more. 4DX editors developed a new “Wearable Motion” concept, coding key scenes in the film to simulate what Peter Parker might be feeling while wearing the suit and becoming Spider-Man. With help from the 18 motion and environmental 4DX effects incorporated into this film, moviegoers can use their imagination to feel what Spider-Man feels as it happens on screen.

4DX offers a fun “Web Wing” gliding experience

Thanks to 4DX effects, fans can experience Spider-Man’s signature gliding action, including the new suit’s "Web Wing" feature that connects both arms to his body. Moviegoers watching in 4DX will have the sense of flying through the theatre as Spider-Man glides between city buildings and battles Vulture.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is the perfect introduction to 4DX for fans of all ages

Packed with fun and creative scenes including action, jumping, gliding and more, Spider-Man: Homecoming is a perfect fit for the 4DX format. Its action scenes are further enhanced by the delicate 4DX effects, and in the spirit of the film, 4DX editors added witty effects to the lively sequences to best capture Peter Parker’s personality.

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