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'Geostorm' star Gerard Butler endorses 4DX “Absolute Cinema Experience”

SEOUL AND LOS ANGELES  October 16, 2017, Released in Korea

In a video released on the official 4DX Facebook page

Gerard Butler, actor and star of 'Geostorm', encouraged viewers to watch his new film in 4DX, he is the latest star to sing the praises of 4DX.

 "My new movie Geostorm is an epic thrill ride," says Butler in the video, which includes footage of incredible scenes from the action-packed blockbuster.  "It’s so big. So intense. It’s going to Blow. Your. Mind. Go see Geostorm in 4DX, the absolute cinema experience.”

The film is anticipated to be one of the most immersive and innovative to be released in 4DX since the cinema technology was introduced in 2009, presenting a powerful experience to moviegoers, including motion seats that move along with the action; vibration; and 20 different environmental effects that simulate the extreme weather throughout the film. 

Considered to be one of the most significant innovations in cinematic technology, 4DX is a next-generation movie theatre format. The company's exclusive, self-patented 4DX Software allows its 4DX Studio team to design multisensory seat motions and environmental effects that provide a completely immersive experience for moviegoers. The sophisticated 4DX process provides the largest number of signature effects industry-wide, released only after strict selection procedures, field tests and quality control with major studios.