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Thor: Ragnarok in 4DX is Worldwide Box Office Hit!

The New Marvel Film Has Recorded Strong Results Even Before Opening in North America, Japan, and China!

4DX Enters 50th Country with Thor: Ragnarok Debuting at Australia's First Screen. 

Thor: Ragnarok in 4DX is Worldwide Box Office Hit!

SEOUL AND LOS ANGELES – November 1, 2017, Released in Korea

4DX had a big weekend at the box office thanks to Marvels newest tentpole super hero action movie, Thor: Ragnarok. This includes achieving remarkable results all over the world ahead of the film's release in big markets like North America, Japan and China. Among the countries in which Thor: Ragnarok in 4DX had successful openings include South Korea, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Chile and the Czech Republic.

4DX and Super Hero Blockbusters Really Pop!

The world is enthusiastic about 4DX, the Korean-made innovative cinema technology!

Australia becomes the 50th country for 4DX, opening with Thor: Ragnarok

This result underlines the high interest from domestic and foreign audiences in the innovative cinema technology. In other countries, 4DX screenings of the film recorded more than the average occupancy rate in most countries including Australia (89%), Croatia (79%), France (56%) and the Czech Republic (55%). 

Receiving tremendous feedback from moviegoers, 4DX, the most innovative cinema format, is proving to be an excellent pair with major blockbuster action films. Most popular with teens and twenty somethings, fans say it provides a more memorable and exciting movie experience.

The amazing global performance of Thor: Ragnarok was not the only big news from CJ 4DPLEX - the company behind 4DX - last week. On Thursday (10/26) the first 4DX auditorium in Australia opened with the first film screened being Thor: Ragnarok. 4DX has now passed the milestone of reaching 50 countries worldwide and is now in theatres in 418 countries around the world. 

In the second half of this year, many Hollywood blockbusters were released in 4DX such as Kingsman: Golden Circle and Geostorm.

In November, the highly anticipated ensemble super hero film Justice League, and in December, the newest Star Wars installment Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be released in 4DX.