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G-Dragon’s Concert to be Released in 4DX Film

Yahoo Philippines News (December 20, 2013)

G-Dragon’s previous concert ‘One of a Kind’ was made in real film and is now released in 4DX in Indonesia. On December 4, G-Dragon’s concert movie ‘One of a Kind 3D’ was released in Indonesia in 4DX version. As soon as the film was released, 80% seats of entire Megaplex in Jakarta were packed to see G-Dragon’s movie and the movie is attracting so many attentions from local audiences. ‘One of a Kind 3D’ is a movie that recorded G-Dragon’s first world tour in 2013 and was filmed with 24 cameras in dynamic 3D technology. In addition, this film is the first Korean alternative content that was released in 4DX version outside of Korea. 4DX is adding five senses to 3D so audiences can experience the movie as if they are actually at the concert. Motion chair maximizes the movements in the film and audiences can feel the rhythm of G-Dragon’s songs with vibration from chair. (photo by CGV)