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Blast from the Past in 4DX, "Tomb Raider" Action + Adventure continues

Blast from the Past in 4DX, "Tomb Raider" Action + Adventure continues

'This is the ultimate 4DX flick- the start of the most dangerous adventure in history, and a must-watch in 4DX!

Lara awakens as the warrior this March


The legendary blockbuster "Tomb Raider" returns to the screen with all-new 2018 direction. Everyones favorite heroine "Lara Croft", is back in 4DX!

Action and adventure collide!

Lara Croft comes back to life in 4DX!

Tomb Raider, the much-anticipated 2018 adventure, was selected for the first line up of 4DX in March. 4DX has broken records as the top-selling CGV premium screen format in January 2018 and writing a new box-office record from the beginning of the year through 'Black Panther'. "Tomb Raider" in 4DX will offer tons of excitement in this brand-new concept adventure!

"Tomb Raider" in 4DX is already gathering buzz as an adventure that combines the thrills of "Indiana Jones" with the spirit of "Wonder Woman". Carefully chosen 4DX effects blend with the films colorful action palette. The audience becomes 'Lara Croft', an archaeologist and explorer cascading through ancient tombs and ruins.

"Tomb Raider" is an action adventure in which Lara Croft (Alicia Vikander) explores the mysterious clues left by her father seven years ago and finds the tomb of the Death God on a legendary island. 4DX is now in the spotlight as a next-generation movie watching format operating in 484 auditoriums in 57 countries. "Tomb Raider" in 4DX will be released around the world beginning March 8th in South Korea.