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"Pacific Rim: Uprising" 4DX, Bigger and stronger than the previous one

"Pacific Rim: Uprising" 4DX, Bigger and stronger than the previous one

The hotly anticipated "Pacific Rim: Uprising" will be coming to audiences in 4DX!
Expectation meets anticipation in the latest sequel packed with 4DX technology and effects

(Poster: Warner Bros.)

"Pacific Rim: Uprising" The scale of ‘experience’ is different

Strap into the pilot seat and prepare yourself for large-scale combat scenes between bots and monsters

The scale of is bigger and bolder, packed with exhilarating action fans have been long waiting for. Large-scale battle scenes between robots vs. aliens will be aided by 4DX motion and environmental effects, creating an atmosphere as if you’re right there in the heat of the action. 

Visually stunning and packed with spectacular action sequences, 4DX takes the film one step further with 4DX signature effects: wind, vibration, water and more, to build an atmosphere for audiences to truly immerse themselves with. 

See man and machine team up for an epic battle on a larger-than-life scale against powerful enemies from the sea. 

From one blockbuster to another, March has had a solid month of 4DX packed films! Catch "Pacific Rim: Uprising" the ultimate blockbuster for March in 4DX, the next generation, premium cinema, operating in 57 countries and 491 auditoriums worldwide.