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World-class Masters Collaborate with 4DX: Guillermo Del Toro and Steven Spielberg.

World-class Masters Collaborate with 4DX: 
Guillermo Del Toro for “Pacific Rim Uprising” and Steven Spielberg with “Ready Player One”.

(Poster: Warner Bros.)

From Marvel to DC, 4DX locks in another high profile collaboration! This time around with two of the world’s renowned auteurs of cinema – Guillermo Del Toro “Pacific Rim Uprising” and Steven Spielberg “Ready Player One”!

As audiences look to discover new and different ways to experience cinema, 4DX have been at the forefront to offer just that to audiences all over the world. Marvel, DC Comics, and Lucas Films are just a few of the studios the company has collaborated with to format the latest and hottest blockbusters into 4DX.

(Poster: Warner Bros.)

“Pacific Rim Uprising”, produced by Guillermo Del Toro (the director of “Pacific Rim”, the first film of the series franchise) brings his vision and world building sensibilities to the sequel. A master of the fantasy genre with a roster of large-scale Hollywood films in his repertoire, Del Toro returns to the series in a more behind-the-scenes manner, molding the film into a bold action packed blockbuster. Add 4DX into the mix and end up with a dynamic sequel, perfectly synced to enhance larger-than-life action sequences between larger-than-life bots and monsters.

Next up is “Ready Player One”, a beloved novel adaptation, directed by none other than Steven Spielberg, a master of the sci-fi genre (“E.T”, “Minority Report”, “A.I”). The virtual reality based action-adventure film has high expectations from fans all over the world, and what better way to experience it than in 4DX! “Ready Player One” will be an ultimate match for the innovative technology where motion, vibration, air shots, and more, will be included to enhance the viewing experience of the much anticipated blockbuster.

4DX is a premium cinematic format, operating in 58 countries and in 492 auditoriums worldwide and have been receiving tremendous feedback as the leading technology for 4D.