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It’s a guaranteed thrill to see "Rampage" in 4DX!

What better way is there to watch "Rampage" than to watch it in the immersive technology of 4DX?
It’s a guaranteed thrill to see "Rampage" in 4DX!

(Poster: Warner Bros.)

Rampage, a high energy film about super-sized beasts making their way across the country wrecking havoc, will be highlighted by over 20 different 4DX effects! 

As the creatures start their destruction, 
4DX will go into super drive with its signature motion, vibration and environmental effect! 
As the windy city of Chicago crumbles with a dust storm, feel the power of the storm with 4DX wind effect.
4DX utilizes fog, wind, and signature effects to have audiences feel the power of destruction while in the safety of their seats.

It’s a guaranteed thrill to see Rampage in 4DX.