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4DX Sees Record Growth in 2013

Press Release - CJ 4DPlex (January 2, 2014)

CJ 4DPlex, the world’s first 4D cinema company for feature films, announced today that 4DX, its 4D effect cinema solution, ranks as the fastest-growing theater solution. This month alone, 4DX will add 20 theaters in 13 countries: Croatia, Ukraine, Korea, China, Russia, Indonesia, Thailand, Venezuela, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Chile and United Arab Emirates. With one screen opening every two weeks worldwide since its debut in July 2010, 4DX will have shipped 15,000 seats to 96 theaters in 24 countries by the end of this year. “The speed at which we have hit this milestone is a clear indication that the 4D experience has resonated with moviegoers,” said Byung Hwan Choi, CEO of CJ 4DPlex. “4DX is committed to delivering the ultimate cinema experience to audiences through its innovative solutions and to helping theaters build their own premium branded cinema experience.” The company expects significant business growth in the next couple of years with plans to expand into 300 theaters in the near future. Some key achievement highlights in 2013: * 4DX Movies: 56 movies were shown in 4DX just this year, up from 31 titles in 2012. In addition to major feature films such as Iron Man 3, Gravity, and Fast & Furious 6, CJ 4DPlex also offers local and diverse content in 4DX (Pee Mak in Thailand, Sadako 2 in Japan, Viy in Russia, Mayday concert in Taiwan and China, G-Dragon concert in Indonesia). * Fast Growth: 47 new screen openings in 2013 alone?triple the 13 openings made in 2012?accounting for $40 million in exports as of this year. * Awards: Four awards including a Presidential commendation as well as a national recognition of 4DX as a World Class Product of Korea. Touching on all five human senses with motion, wind, bubble, strobe, fog, vibration, mist, rain and even scent-based special effects that go beyond 3D, 4DX offers a complete visual, aural and tactile experience to the latest blockbusters, and lends itself perfectly to high-action movies.