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Feel the excitement and vivid beat of “Deadpool 2” in the 4DX format!

Feel the excitement and vivid beat of “Deadpool 2” in the 4DX format!

(Poster Credit: Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.)

With 4DX, its unique humor and wit in “Deadpool 2” will be even more entertaining than the first!

The “Deadpool” 4DX is back, doubling the fun and excitement of the first film. New characters are introduced – the deadly Cable and the beautiful Domino, to be seen with the latest and hottest 4DX  signature effects.

As bullets rain in “Deadpool 2”, let 4DX have you be a part of the thrill. As Deadpool leaps, escaping death, feel that whoosh with perfectly timed 4DX' famous air shots! Also each movement of 4DX enhances the vivid beat, beloved music of the series.

Satisfy the audiences’ five senses with 4DX’ signature motion and environmental effects, all working together to create the best viewing option possible for the much anticipated Deadpool sequel.

Packed with Marvel’s unconventional humor, and non-stop action sequences, brilliant casting, the sequel will make it much more fun and exciting in 4DX, the next-generation premium movie format, currently has 516 screens in 59 countries, providing immersive cinema experiences worldwide.