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4 Best Scenes to Get You Hyped for Deadpool 2 in 4DX

4 Best Scenes to Get You Hyped for Deadpool 2 in 4DX
These Are The Reasons Why You Must Watch Deadpool 2 in 4DX

4 Best Scenes to Get You Hyped for Deadpool 2 in 4DX

Kick off the sequel in a fiery explosion!
Travel the globe with Deadpool as he slices and dices, taking down degenerates, one quip and #NSFW joke at a time. Experience an opening sequence that concludes in a fiery explosion of dismembering body parts, all in the first five minutes - in 4DX! Experience the guts and the gore with 4DX’s fog, heave, pitch, roll, strobe, leg ticklers, airshots, and rain!

Cable’s grand entrance
You thought UFC was intense? Just watch Deadpool 2 in 4DX, my friend. Let 4DX immerse you as Cable vs. Deadpool throw down in a no holds barred rumble. Feel every punch, heave, and thrust as the two face off in an all-out battle of strength, aided by 4DX motion and vibration, back ticklers, fog, strobe, and scent. Cable, in pursuit of cold, hard revenge, is on a path to kill. 

Rescue Mission by the X-Force
Cruise the skies with Deadpool and the new recruits as 4DX enhances their first call to action! Let 4DX motion and vibration create the perfect sensation of flight, aided by signature leg ticklers and the heave, pitch, and roll motion. Make that death defying leap with the X-Force team - be warned, the scene that follows will not be in anyway be elegant or graceful - however, in the tone of the Deadpool franchise, it’s ‘entertaining AF’ with 4DX effects!

Meet Lady Luck - Domino
Watch as the sassy and beautiful Domino casually stroll through traffic and cars just veer off into the sides in fiery flames. You will learn that luck is a superpower, and also, incredibly cinematic. A punch there, a kick there, with sharp, heavy objects just happening to fall onto mortal enemies. Experience the luck with 4DX’s motion and vibration effects, including the back tickler, and airshots!