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Incredibles 2, the first time releasing in 4DX!

Incredibles 2, the first time releasing in 4DX!

Will capture Kids’ hearts with Animation specialized 4DX signature motion
Whole Family must-watch movie in 4DX, all imaginations are possible


The Incredibles, the super hero family that captured our hearts and saved the world is back and the sequel is set to be an even wilder experience in 4DX.

No matter the danger The Incredibles will face, 4DX will synchronize all of the action to the patented motion chairs and environmental effects specialized for animation equipped in the movie theater. Since the first film was released before the innovative 4DX format debuted, this will be the first time fans will be able to feel wind rush through their hair as Dash races to save the day, or the power of Elastigirl using her body to slowdown a speeding train. The youngest Jack Jack is joining the party too as his powers are just coming together.

Incredibles 2 in 4DX is an experience the whole family will not want to miss.