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Reasons to watch Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in 4DX

Reasons to watch Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in 4DX

Notable Effects Used:
Scent, vibration, air shots, warm air, wind, fog, back tickler, leg tickler, face air, water, strobe, heave, pitch, roll, and more!


Welcome to the Fallen Kingdom
Back to the island of lush green lands, where dinosaurs roam and live as they did 250 million years ago. Take in the rustling breeze and scent of the mountain air with 4DX as you enter the fallen kingdom in an enhanced 4DX motion and vibration helicopter ride. As Isla Nublar’s volcano gurgles in the background, ready to blow at any moment, feel the heat and the danger with 4DX’s warm air and fog effects!

Dinosaur Stampede!
Witness the ancient creatures roam the earth for what could be the last time as extinction threatens their species once again. Feel every heavy step amplified by 4DX motion and vibration, and the heave, pitch, and roll effect! With an explosive volcanic eruption in the background, cascading debris and heat, experience the final run in 4DX, where fog, warm air, motion and vibration, and the heave, pitch, and roll effect will have you living the action!

Indoraptor vs. Velociraptor
There’s a new dinosaur in town, the Indoraptor - more extreme than the Indominus Rex, and specially designed to kill. See the mayhem go down when the Indo gets loose from its cage and sets upon the Lockwood mansion with the thirst for blood. Feel the ground quiver as the two beasts: the Indoraptor - and the crowd favorite - the Velociraptor, Blue, snap their powerful jaws and engage in an all-out fight aided by 4DX motion and vibration effects, along with the intensifying back tickler!