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Reasons to watch Mission: Impossible - Fallout in 4DX

Reasons to watch Mission: Impossible - Fallout in 4DX

Reasons to watch Mission: Impossible - Fallout in 4DX

Into the eye of the storm
Take in the action at 25,000 feet in the air as flashes of lighting, accented by 4DX strobe effects, sets the tone of Hunt and Walker’s dangerous jump. Add 4DX’s signature motion effects of heave, pitch, and roll and experience what it feels like to freefall headfirst into a deadly storm!

Need for speed
4DX perfectly calibrates the speed of any vehicle, land or air, and this time, for Mission: Impossible - Fallout, 4DX amps it up even further! Speeding motorcycles, cars, helicopters - including Hunt’s signature sprint across rooftops - will be synced with ‘4DX Extreme’, the highest level of 4DX motion coding at level 9. Every turn, stop, and acceleration will be intensified, bringing the high-octane action sequences to life! 

Feel the bass of the night - bathroom brawl
Leave it up to Ethan Hunt to bring the action any time, anywhere. This time, it will be from the streets to the club. With the bass vibrating underneath your seat and scent adding to the alluring atmosphere, let the good times take you to an all-out bathroom brawl between between Hunt and Walker vs. the mysterious Lark. No drinks will be thrown, however walls will crumble, mirrors will be cracked, and pipes will be pulled in an intense 4DX motion and vibration fight sequence between three deadly forces. 

Race through Paris
As Hunt is chased through the streets of Paris, grab a seat in the back of his motorcycle! 4DX motion and vibration, plus the back tickler, will come together to capture the thrill and intensity of Mission: Impossible. You’ll be going against traffic on cobbled roads, swerving around the Arc de Triomphe with cops and black arms dealers hot on the tail! 

Helicopter chase
Experience the adrenaline rush of two helicopters in flight, racing against time! 4DX motion and vibration will capture the turbulence of two helicopters perilously swaying across the sky in the climactic helicopter chase sequence that everyone’s buzzing about! As bullets whiz by, followed by 4DX airshots and the heave, pitch, and roll effects, enjoy the danger of it all from the safety of your rumbling seats! 

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