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4DX and horror go hand in hand, 'Haunted House Mood'!

4DX and horror go hand in hand, 'Haunted House Mood'!
Have all your senses stimulated as 4DX transforms the theater into a haunted monastery. 

4DX and horror go hand in hand,

The Nun will be made even more terrifying with 4DX’s motion and environmental effects, so whether you’ve seen it once or a hundred times, it’s a guaranteed scare every time - just ask our 4DX producers, who jump no matter how many times they QC’d it.

 For The Nun, 4DX utilizes the strengths and subtleties of motion and environmental design, utilizing its effects to build up tension, slow and subtle, for an underlying feeling of dread. Then, for when the titular evil spirit appears, sudden movements of roll, heave and pitch, along with airshots and wind,  water will blast to maximize the impact of the scene.

Did you know?
 4DX enhances across a variety of genres but horror tops the list. The first 4DX horror hit, My Bloody Valentine(2009) exceeded audience expectations when it broke box office records over 2D, breaking pre-sale records (the printer actually ran out of tickets) at CGV Sang-am(South Korea) for two weeks prior to its release. The film went on to average an incredible 91% occupancy rate during its run for eight weeks.
Last year’s horror hits IT and Annabelle: Creation in 4DX topped occupancy rates across the globe during its opening weekend. IT brought in a  80% occupancy rate in Croatia and India, respectively,  77% in Hungary, and 64% in UK.

In India and Puerto Rico, Annabelle: Creation opened with an all-time high of a 99% occupancy rate.

 4DX producer James Goo says, "4DX offers another way of viewing a horror film and is a definite draw in getting people to the theater. It’s a really fun way for the audience to get engrossed in the action and the horror. We’ve done 37 lab tests of ‘The Nun’ in 4DX and there is no comparison out there - 2D, 3D, etc. It is just grander and scarier in 4DX."