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4DX 'The Predator', feel the spectacular battle!

4DX <The Predator>, feel the spectacular battle !

The first-ever 4DX in the Predator franchise, even more spectacular and thrilling


Experience the first-ever film in the Predator franchise to be adapted into 4DX! A powerful combination of motion and environmental effects will have you experiencing the spectacular and thrilling battle sequences between mere mortals and the incredibly evolved, powerful predator species for the first time.

This marks the first ever adaptation of the Predator series into 4DX.

The hunt comes home in the latest film of the franchise as the action moves from space to the suburbs. Destruction and mayhem ensue in sync with 4DX as the creature enters the streets showing no mercy. Splatters of blood, accented by face water and air, along with the rain effect - and the impactful back ticklers, will simulate the intense action sequences. (You have been warned!)

4DX enhances the intensity of the non-stop battle sequences for The Predator. From the laboratory, to the suburbs, and to the climactic forest battle scene, you’ll feel every bullet whiz by with 4DX air shots and experience the powerful flash of the predator’s weapon with the strobe effects.

Survive the hunt with 4DX, an adrenaline rush of motion and environmental effects - strobe, water, air shots, fog, snow, and more - in the long awaited fan-favorite, The Predator.