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Mortal Engines 4DX, feel the rocking movements of a city on wheels

Mortal Engines 4DX, feel the rocking movements of a city on wheels

A war between moving cities on wheels, discover 'moving cities' in the 4DX auditorium


Guided by the Oscar-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson (of Lord of the Rings trilogy) producing, discover the outstanding world of Mortal Engines in the 4DX auditorium.  

The movie is about a war between moving cities on wheels- showing the rocking movements of a city on wheels and tracks- and the dominant traction city in the movie is London. Also it is told figuratively that: Mortal Engines is 'Stars Wars' meets 'Mad Max' meets 'Harry Potter'.

The rumble of giant, complex machinery of cities on wheels and the heat of an engine room will come to life with motion and environmental effects of vibration, warm air, and fog. As the story picks up. And the action comes to a climax, air shots, back tickler, strobe, and motion will guide you across the battle field. In the chase sequences, wind and face air will add a dramatic touch to the thrilling scenes.
In the imaginative world of Mortal Engines, you’ll find colossal engines that steam through London and hanging cities suspended miles in the air. It’s a new world where cities swallow other cities, growing as they rumble on.
In the premiere seats of 4DX, experience the anticipated adaptation – the delicate movements and vibration, along with environmental effects, will leave audiences enthralled.