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Aquaman 4DX, feel the Ocean Vibe with ‘Extreme Water Effect’

Aquaman 4DX, feel the Ocean Vibe with ‘Extreme Water Effect’

Returning The Meg 4DX Extreme Water, the most expected epic underwater adventure 


Aquaman 4DX will make you deep dive into the Ocean Vibe boosted by 4DX Extreme Water Effect. Introduced this summer with the The Meg 4DX, the movie-goers favorite ‘Extreme Water Effect’ will return to the 4DX auditorium once again – mists of water will be amped up for audiences to feel the ocean vibe. Audiences can experience the epic with a wide range of 4DX environment effects- such as water, wind, rain, fog- bringing the Ocean Vibe to 4DX auditorium.

From the heart of the ocean to Atlantis and to the Saharan desert, 4DX will cover it all making the scenes unique and much more fun. As the story heads to a climactic battle sequence with Aquaman having to face not one but two villains, the ‘Trident Effect’ – a thrilling mix of strobe and motion’s heave, pitch, and roll effect – will be introduced to capture every powerful clash and clang and have audiences living the fight.

From land to sea, Aquaman returns home to fulfill his destiny in the 4DX filled action-adventure.

Prepare for an outstanding range of water, wind, strobe, and motion in the epic underwater adventure Aquaman 4DX.