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"How to Train Your Dragon 3" 4DX, a warp gate to Universal Theme Parks for Kids and Family

<How to Train Your Dragon 3> 4DX, a warp gate to Universal Theme Parks for Kids and Family 
'Kids Friendly 4DX motion' Embark on a Flying Adventure with a Dragon Ride
For the upcoming <How to Train Your Dragon 3>, 'Kids Friendly 4DX motion' is prepared.


It would be a warp gate to enjoy the excitement of Universal Studio just inside 4DX theatres with kids and family members. <How to Train Your Dragon 3> 4DX is the culmination of every 4DX technology ever utilized in riding, especially flying motion, in soft and adorable way. The powerful movements and vibrations of the motion chairs capture the movements of the dragon riding, making you feel like you're the one who's soaring on top of the dragon's back. With various environmental effects such as lightning, water, and air shot, 4DX theatres will transport you to the adventure filled island of the Vikings and present you with the spectacular flights of the dragons.
<How to Train Your Dragon> started with the story of 'Hiccup' and the dragon 'Toothless', how they came to meet each other and set off on their flying adventure. Now, after 9 years, the excitement and heartwarming emotion you felt from the first film returns on a 4DX screen, ringing deeper in your heart than ever before.  Experience a mundane movie theatre transform into vibrant Universal Studio.