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4DX Producers' Quotes for "The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part"

Quotes of 4DX Studio producers, details on Lego Movie 2 in 4DX

4DX Producers
4DX Producers(Poster Credit: Courtesy of WARNER BROS.)

Michael Martinez, Senior Producer:
“It was a pleasant surprise to me in every way. This turned out to be an experimental assignment since we’re working on incorporating subtle motions alongside more dynamic ones. The movements, plus EFX like fog, back tickler, and scent, amped up the details and worked very well. It was definitely one of the more enjoyable films to edit for 4DX and I think audiences will be pleased with the final outcome.”  

Reny Nazarian, Producer:
“For Lego Movie 2, which is in the realm of Fantasy/Sci-Fi, we gave extra attention to all the details. When Emmet travels through space to save Lucy, we incorporated all the effects that simulate the rocking and rumbling of space travel – fan, face air, side air, the leg tickler, along with motion and vibration – so that everyone who watches the film can experience what it feels like to ride through the galaxies with Emmet via 4DX.”

Seong Kim, Producer:
“When Lucy and General Sweet Mayhem are locked in an epic battle, it is a complex editing sequence. There’s a lot of movements to follow. In order to really sync the audience with the action on screen, I incorporated different levels of vibration with the fan EFX so that the audience can experience the realism and the wide range of the movements that are happening in the scene.”