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Captain Marvel, the first Marvel hero in 2019 returns with 4DX

Captain Marvel, the first Marvel hero in 2019 returns with 4DX
Impeccably directed 4DX features fully incorporated the depth and emotion of Captain Marvel.

(Poster Credit: Courtesy of MARVEL STUDIOS)

Experience Captain Marvel’s psychic power embodied with rich 4DX signature effects; continue to build the legend of 4DX MCU Box Office success! Captain Marvel 4DX is certainly the best option to enjoy the new super hero movie. 4DX ensures pleasant cinema experience with painstakingly crafted motion and environment effects.
With Captain Marvel confirmed to be released in 4DX, the moviegoers have begun their countdown. Marvel superheroes specialized producers of Avengers: Infinity War 4DX, a film that gathered over 2 million audience globally, return to direct Captain Marvel 4DX.
As Captain Marvel possesses both ultimate power and flying ability, the most detailed and delicate 4DX effects will be implemented to show off this new hero's strength and maximize the audience's immersion with the film.
Directed with attention to the minute details, the 4DX features come together in harmony, as they did so in How to Train Your Dragon 3. Captain Marvel 4DX restructured the motion and environment mechanisms to allow viewers to have more engaging and interesting motion picture experience. In addition, Captain Marvel 4DX would be a perfect opportunity to experience characters’ signature motions in advance, which will be a key 4DX directing point in Avengers: Endgame