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<Wonder Park> 4DX - Quotes from 4DX Studio Editors

Wonder Park 4DX

Quotes from 4DX Studio Editors, details on Wonder Park in 4DX

<Wonder Park> 4DX - Quotes from 4DX Studio Editors

(Poster Credit: Courtesy of PARAMOUNT PICTURES)

David Bae, 4DX Editor:
"From the rollercoaster rides to discovering the wonders of the park, there were a lot of fun, creative choices made for ‘Wonder Park’. Motion design for rollercoasters is always fun to work on because the goal is to essentially recreate an amusement park ride in the seats of the theater. The swerving, the dips, and the speed had to be calibrated for the most realistic experience possible.” 

Seong Kim, 4DX Editor:
“The most memorable scene for me is the backyard rollercoaster scene with June and Boomer in ‘Wonder Park’. It’s the little details that draw audiences into the moment in 4DX. I incorporated a wide range of motion and environmental effects like vibration, wind, and even leg air, to mimic the speed and rush of rollercoasters."

Reny Nazarian, 4DX Editor:
“Can’t forget the Zero-G land sequence! I mean you get to experience zero gravity! It was really interesting to design such a unique concept – the floating, weightless, zero gravity feeling with 4DX vibrations.”