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<Dumbo> 4DX brings Flying Elephant Ride to the Theaters, 4DX Flying Adventure once again begins in Dreamland Theme park

4DX brings Flying Elephant Ride to the Theaters,  
4DX Flying Adventure once again begins in Dreamland Theme park!

Dumbo’s Invitation to marvel-packed 4DX Circus

(Poster Credit: Courtesy of WALT DISNEY STUDIOS)

"Dumbo", a collaboration of director Tim Burton and Disney live action, will show off its  adorable new character, flying elephant Dumbo with 4DX.

Dumbo, who first made appearance on an animation film in 1941, is now returning every more lovely and lively in a live action film by the hands of 4DX Studio who has introduced fabulous and beloved 4DX flying motion in "How to Train Your Dragon 3". 4DX Flying Adventure begins once again in Dreamland Theme park,  bringing Flying Elephant Ride to the theaters. Also your chance to enjoy 4DX's Fantastic wildlife with the lion, flying elephant, horse.

In the original film, Dumbo, who is made fun of because of his big ears, comes to realize his talent for flying and becomes the star of Dreamland.
How such story will unfold in a kids friendly action-packed 4DX film is another question the audience is waiting to be answered.

Tim Burton has always surprised the audience by creating new masterpieces with his unique imagination and color. How he will depict the splendor of Dreamland and Dumbo’s flight underneath the wide circus tent and their perfect match with vivid 4DX features is just one thing to watch out for in this film.

Exciting movie experience, perfect for Kids and Family.