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Feel the excitement and surprising movements of “Shazam!” in 4DX

Feel the excitement and surprising movements of “Shazam!” in 4DX

"Shazam! 4DX" comes with a parade of unpredictably exciting motions
4DX turns your every minute into a new adventure
Feel the excitement and surprising movements of “Shazam!” in 4DX
(Poster Credit: Courtesy of WARNER BROS. PICTUERS)

With 4DX, you can enjoy various superhero-powers in “Shazam!” even more exciting.
Shazam is a superhero with numerous powerful abilities. As 4DX was already equipped with miscellaneous effects to showcase different heroes' unique powers as in "Justice League", the meeting of this amazing superhero and 4DX is bound to create an exciting experience for the movie-goers.

Just as "Deadpool" became a theatrical hit with its combination of humor and heroic action, 4DX doesn't just stop with showing off the hero's power with motion and environmental effects. It upgrades the film's overall humorous tone and helps the audience enjoy their first spectacular encounter with Shazam's story!

Anticipation rises as to how "Shazam!" 4DX will give the audience another enjoyable time.

Shazam, a new DC hero return to theaters, ever more powerful and full of energy.  Armed with new 4DX equipment, enjoy a parade of  unpredictably exciting motions.

"Shazam!" is an action blockbuster film in which a 15 years old boy obtains Solomon's wisdom, Hercules' strength, Atlas' stamina, Zeus' power, Achilles' courage, and Mercury's speed by shouting the word Shazam!. Although his appearance is that of an adult, inside he is still a kid. The various events that sprout from such twist come together with 4DX to turn this film into one comical 4DX blockbuster.