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"Aladdin" 4DX reveals the signature ride - 'Flying magic carpet motion'!

"Aladdin" 4DX reveals the signature ride - 'Flying magic carpet motion'! 
4DX' 'Rhythmical motion' enhances the entire mood of the movie

"Aladdin" 4DX reveals the signature ride -

(Poster Credit: Courtesy of WALT DISNEY STUDIOS)

Disney’s animated "Aladdin" came out back in 1992 and was a huge hit, winning two Academy Awards, Best Original Score, and Best Original Song for 'A Whole New World.' 
This masterpiece returns as a live action film this coming May, as the first time in 4DX. Guy Rich, the director of 'Sherlock Holmes (2009)', takes the wheel and Mena Masud plays the role of Aladdin.
What’s more exciting is that live-action Aladdin movie in 4DX will be your chance to experience ever-popular magic carpet ride with flying 4DX magic carpet motion. The astonishing 4DX magic carpet motion will certainly get fans to revisit Aladdin’s tale. If you are a Disney fan, get ready to enjoy and get impressed by 4DX-enhanced magic carpet ride! 
The character who's getting the most attention is undeniably the Genie of the lamp, played by Will Smith. 4DX once again highlights such musical scenes with rhythmic motion chair bounce and delicate environmental effects. 
Return of the beloved song 'A Whole New World' along with newly improved graphics paired with 4DX 'rhythmical motion' and ‘motion beat’ is another charm that the audience will enjoy.
Enjoy the classic songs of Aladdin in 4DX auditorium. The beat of the motion chair moving with the nostalgic rhythm brings back memory of the 90s.
Boys and girls who sang along to 'A Whole New World' in the 90s now return to theaters holding their kid's hand to present them with their fantastic 'whole new world'. Aladdin 4DX will take you back to your childhood fantasy world.
With its fantastic visuals and cloud-parting flying 4DX magic carpet motions, Aladdin 4DX is bound to be a masterpiece to lure back those girls of the 90s still deep in their nostalgia.