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4DX to Occupy 90% of 4D Theaters Worldwide

KBS (March 24, 2014)

You might have 4D film experience with motion seats, wind, vibration, scents and so on.

4DX, the South Korean 4D cinema company, occupies 90% of 4D theaters worldwide. It is delivering a fully immersive cinematic experience by playing Hollywood blockbuster films with 4D effects.

Not only in Korea, it is also bringing its 4D-feature films in 23 countries, including Mexico, Japan, China, and others. It is still at the dawn of 4D theaters industry around the globe. However, demand for 4D films has been skyrocketing as it is garnering an excellent global reputation. 4DX cinemas have been doubled every year.

“We are an unrivaled movie going experience provider with global coverage, so we are expecting to play a pivotal role in leading a new paradigm in the movie industry”, said Brandon Choi, 4DX Marketing team leader.