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4DX to Emerge as a New Movie Experience Provider

News Y (March 24, 2014)

4D-feature movies combine motion, scents, wind, water and other effects for virtual reality. You can be fully satisfied with motion chairs and eight environmental effects such as wind, bubbles and scents.
In sync with the movies, the motion chairs are moving back and forth, up and down as the main characters in the movie are flying or running. When he or she falls into the water, the fade mists come out. One of the most crucial factors is the exact time. The 4D effects should be coincided with the scenes and actions. “We are currently operating 22 screens in Korea, and have been expanded into other 23 countries around the globe. Our aim is to export 4DX theaters in 40 countries within this year. 4DX has been touting tremendous success, showing 200% growth rate every year so far”, said Brandon Choi, Marketing team leader.