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Culture Industry is a key to step into the future

YTN (May 26th, 2014)

4DX, a theater engaging all five human senses. To bring this technology to the United States, 4DX is preparing for launching a 4DX theater in L.A.

4DX offers immersive theatrical experience that makes the audience feel like they are in the movie. In short, perfectly synchronized 4DX effects represent the completion of the technology embracing cultural sensitivity.

[Interview with Bruce Greenberg, Senior Vice President]
"Competitive edge of 4DX is that it is a fully immersive auditorium for an experience. American audiences are all jaded. They had an opportunity to see 2D and 3D for a while now, and with 4DX, they are going to get an opportunity to really find something that’s different from what they have for their mobile or their home entertainment experience," said Bruce Greenberg.