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San Andreas Opening Weekend Shows That Disaster Movies Rock in 4DX

Immersive Experience Packs Theatres and Adds to Intensity

DCinemaToday (June 2, 2015)

San Andreas opened in 4DX theatres around the globe this weekend, attracting moviegoers seeking the most immersive screenings of the film. With 90 percent occupancy over the first few days of its release at the Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles, CA, more than 75 percent in the UK and more than 60 percent in Mexico, San Andreas was the latest blockbuster to take advantage of interest in this unique cinematic experience.

Starring Dwayne Johnson and Carla Gugino, the epic disaster film unleashes a nine-plus magnitude earthquake triggered by the San Andreas Fault, causing destruction throughout California. Those who watched the film in 4DX were able to experience the rattling motions and massive vibrations of the earthquake first-hand, and be brought into the center of the story. When a woman miraculously survives after dodging through a falling wall, fog and burning rubber scents add another layer to the movie. At the moment that the earthquake sets off a huge tsunami, water shots and delicately designed vibrations mimic the seismic waves.

San Andreas isn’t the first disaster film to see success in 4DX. Last year, Into the Storm delivered exceptionally high performance in many countries. The tornado disaster film generated more than 78 percent occupancy rate in Korea, where 4DX’ parent company is based and more than half of the film’s audience is generated; more than 67 percent in Guatemala and Croatia and over 50 percent occupancy in 4DX theatres based in Colombia, Philippines and Cambodia. With average occupancy rate in U.S. theatres reportedly ranging from 10 to 15 percent, this performance is no small feat. Moviegoers are eager to share the reasons they have been attracted to 4DX, calling their experience watching San Andreas “MINDBLOWING,” “SUPERB” and “ABSOLUTELY IMMERSIVE,” saying that “You haven`t seen this movie until you`ve seen it in 4DX” and “I enjoyed every single movement and scene. I`ll definitely watch this movie in 4DX again!”