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4DX Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary, Expansion to 750 Screens by End of 2019




Multi-sensory cinema technology captivating moviegoers around the globe through the combination of Technology and Culture


Expecting to reach 29 million 4DX audiences in 2019


“We plan to consolidate our position as the world’s leading cinema technology company by operating 750 screens by end of 2019, capable of hosting 150 million moviegoers” said JongRyul Kim, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX, during a press conferenceon the 19th held at CJ 4DPLEX headquarters, Seoul, South Korea. Asides of their year-end target, the company presented their technological progress over the past decade and future plans.


| Shifting the paradigm from “watching” movies to “experiencing” content

4DX is a multi-sensory theater experience that CJ 4DPLEX succeeded in commercializing for the first time in the world. It provides a variety of special effects, such as moving or vibrating chairs following the scenes of the movie, blowing winds, and splashing water through the combination of special environment equipment and motion-chairs. In essence, it offers a total of 21 environmental effects, including fog, bubbles, lightening, and snow.

Since the launch of its first 
location in 2009, CJ 4DPLEX has grown to operate 675 theaters in 65countries. In just a single decade, the company has entered into partnerships with 100 business operators and has expanded into 6 continents worldwide. This was possible by shifting the paradigm from “watching” movies to “experiencing” content.


| Competitive edge via technological innovation and strategic overseas expansion

For the past decade, CJ 4DPLEX has strived to develop original equipment and technologies optimal for commercialization. Having established itself as a technology-intensive moviegoing format - with as many as 99 patents registered at home and abroad – 4DX holds competitive advantage over its competition. Among them, the core technology unique to 4DX is the sophisticated 4D programming capabilities that takes into account the films narrative and emotions.


4DX Studio, is the creative powerhouse responsible in enhancing the narrative of a film. With offices in Korea, U.S. and China, 4DX programming is systematically developed through four stages; Film Selection, Planning, Programming, and DistributionAll films that are released in 4DX are created through a refined process that combines technology and culture.


CJ 4DPLEX had to expand into the overseas market and develop its technology in order to present 4DX, a new and unprecedented special technological theater, to audiences around the world. To this end, it has established strategic partnerships with new global theater operators every year, hitting the fastest growth rate of 35% per annum over the past five years and thus, becoming the fastest-growing special theater among the leading special theater formats at home and abroad. This year alone, it expanded into Germany, Luxembourg, Nigeria, and Bosnia and Herzegovina in succession. In addition, it closed a series of additional large-scale opening contracts for the expansion of 4DX theaters with current partner theater operators.


4DX is also exhibiting exceptional growth in its figures. In 2018 global box office reached $290 million.  “Avengers: Endgame” 4DX released this year, exceeded 2.6 million viewers. In addition, in July, “Aladdin” and “Lion King” 4DX became box-office hits, setting a new record of 3.07 million viewers, the largest score ever for global viewers per month. In the fourth quarter of this year, with the release of much anticipated films such as “Frozen 2” and “Ford V Ferrari,” it is expected to reach 29 million audiences and set a record of $340 million in the box office.

| Present a next-generation model topped with new 4DX technology

CJ 4DPLEX is not settling with 4DX. Over the years they’ve were known for its innovation, and is currently accelerating to develop the next-generation special theater model that combines new technologies.
In 2012, CJ 4DPLEX introduced “ScreenX,” a multi-screen special theater. “ScreenX” was spotlighted as another type of futuristic theater, allowing viewers to watch movies at a three-sided, 270-degree angle, using not only the theater’s front screen but also both of the side walls. Since then, CJ 4DPLEX has taken theater to another level by showcasing the world's first integrated theater “4DX with ScreenX” in 2017. “4DX with ScreenX” is a theater with a new concept of technology that combines the motion and environmental effects of “4DX” and the sense of visual immersion of “ScreenX.”


CJ 4DPLEX is not stopping, drawing the attention of theaters around the world by showcasing the “4DX Flying Cinema” and “4DX Recliner” at the biggest film industry fair “2019 CinemaCon” held in April with the aim of leading futuristic theaters. “4DX Flying Cinema” is a model that maximizes rotation and swing motion by hanging 4DX seats on top supports so that audiences can feel a strong sense of unity with scenes of the movie. The “4DX recliner” allows viewers to feel the motion of the current 4DX in comfortable recliner sofa seats. The great advantage is that theaters can allow viewers to enjoy the dynamic motions of 4DX just by installing the 4DX motion base in the lower part of the existing recliner seats that are already installed in theaters. 

“We plan to take every effort to discover a variety of alternative content by developing future movie theater models. We will try to solidify our status as the representative, global special theater fulfilling the fast-changing needs of customers, and furthermore, leading theater trends.” said JongRyul Kim, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX.